Hares Transport hold a Waste Transfer Licence (upper tier) which enables the clearance of all waste unwanted items from any premises to be transported safely to a recycling centre local to you.

  • House
  • Office
  • Public House
  • Garage
  • Warehouse
  • Lock Up
  • Shop
  • Garden

We offer payment for any item which we feel can be resold to the general public at a later date. The items bought from you can be offset against the cost of the overall clearance and in some cases we will pay you a balance in your favour for all items to be cleared.
We leave all premises cleared, swept clean and ensure the client is happy with the service provided before settlement.

All quotations are evaluated on site and all calculations are passed to the client to ensure complete transparency, no hidden costs exist, and all costs are explained in writing.

Waste Transfer Sites charge for the disposal of all disposable items, this charge is passed on to the client at cost.

Boxes and Sacks are provided free of charge.

We offer the following insurance cover:-

All vehicles are with Full Comprehensive Insurance Cover
Goods in Transit Insurance Cover up to £10,000 per load per vehicle
Public Liability Insurance Cover up to £1,000,000