Ian Hares was born into a hard working, farming background near Andover, Hampshire.

From the age of 14, he was brought up with the hard work ethic of working outside each morning, weekends and holidays before school/college etc. cleaning out and feeding pigs helping out with the family business. School Holidays were taken up with a full time involvement with the farm with the added task of handling thousands of straw bales also.

Seven years ago, a Sunday morning boot sale beckoned to sell some unwanted items for the first time and as a result after 23 years of an office career, the first theme of Hares Transport was born.

With the first profitable boot sale enjoyed, more followed and realisation kicked in that small items up to items of furniture sourced cheaply could be sold at boot sales and a transit van was purchased with the first profits.

House removals and Courier work quickly followed and the decision was made to leave the office career which had run its course.

Year on year the business has evolved and become focused on these main themes:-

  • House/Office Removals
  • House/Garage/Office Clearance
  • Same Day Courier
  • Storage
  • Buy and Sell Furniture

Without the need to advertise, reinvesting in stock, vehicles and storage facilities, Hares Transport now boasts the size of business that enables capacity to move the biggest of houses and offices anywhere in the UK, without losing it’s identity of the humble beginnings carrying out the smallest of tasks.

The hard work ethic, going the extra mile, respecting clients items as our own are the main characteristics on which Hares Transport was started.

One important member of Hares Transport who deserves a huge mention is Paddy, my dog. He has travelled the length and breadth of the UK, never complaining, always there as the perfect companion, showing up at boot sales, markets and finding a suitable vantage point outside houses, offices, public houses, garages, gardens and sheds, whilst the hard work is done come rain or shine, “good boy Paddy!!!”